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Freegglers is an action-platformer game with unique, funny and chaotic, flexible, physics-base movement of the main character. Train your Freeggler, jump, fight and find the escape hole inside the prison maze full of traps.

Rescue your fellow Freegglers who suffer under the tyranny of Evil Freaks, overcome difficulties, act smart and fast and most importantly bring back freedom to all Freegglers of the world.


Freegglers are lively orange creatures who enjoy life full of freedom. In fact, there was a time when everything was quite normal and Freegglers lived a happy life. Until one day...

From the depths of darkest and most rotting, stinky hole in the ground, you can imagine, emerged a bunch of Evil Freaks whose goal was to enslave all Freegglers and destroy freedom, beauty, harmony and joyful life.

They caught and threw Freegglers into cages, forbad healthy and natural way of life, and tried to force them to new normal, which is nothing more than tyranny, slavery and destruction.

But enough is enough, Freegglers will not comply to this anymore, the courage built from within finally exploded wide open. Now, it is your job to stand up and wake up all your fellow Freegglers, from cages. Show them how to get out of cages and be free again.

Train to be strong, fast and smart, avoid traps. Find the way out from the prison maze. Fight and smash the enemy and always remember, never give up, you are a leader and you are leading to victory!

Key Features

Rescue Levels — Your job is to release all Freegglers from cages, find location of the escape hole and carry every single Freeggler to the escape hole in order to obtain full freedom.

Training Levels — The main task is to train your Freeggler for new levels ahead. You have a certain amount of time to smash all objects on the scene to gain enough strength points to pass the training.

Different locations — Palisade Maze, Lava Cave, Poison Lab, Green Canal and Electric Prison.

Two types of view — Each location contains a group of unique Rescue Levels with third-person camera view and additional levels 2.5D slide-scroller.

Skills and weapons — As you progress your Freeggler will gain a new types of skills and weapons for more effective fight with Evil Freaks.

Enemies - The most dumb Evil Freaks are guarding the cages and throwing acid vomit at every Freeggler who tries to pass. But beware, not all Freaks are dumb, some of them use flying devices, with the mission to destroy Freeggler's life. So, you have to be quick.

Comments from TV - Every now and then during the game, you'll see the main Boss of all Evil Freaks, hiding behind the TV screen and commenting your actions with fury when you succeed and mockingly laughing when you fail - pure evil.

Traps - There are various types of traps, which you'll have to avoid in order to survive, such as: spiked clamps, flame throwers, spinning blades, electric gates, giant crushers and many many more.

Music - unique powerful and epic music composed especially for this game will motivate you to action and lead you straight to victory!
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